LEL 2017 summary

I have completed London – Edinburgh – London ride this year in 107 hours. My starting time was at 3 PM on Sunday and I came back Friday at 2 AM.
I pushed through to Louth at 244km thinking I could have a sleep there, I got in at around 1 AM or so and there were no beds or any “good” food left, after waiting for a bit, I got some porridge, a coffee and pushed through to Pocklington 341km as I had a bit of snacks on me. I cycled most of this section with another guy and we got in at around 5-6 AM on Monday.

Slept at Pocklington for about 3hours, ate a lot, had a shower, changed my kit and pushed towards Brampton where my next bag drop was and where I was planning to sleep. North Penines and Yad Moss were quite hard, we had rain and strong winds on the way to Alston. A few riders decided not to stop there, but I stopped to dry off a bit, had delicious hot soup and I got wrapped into a very warm blankie. I had a five minute power nap by leaning my head against the wall. The volunteers did ask me if I wanted to book a bed there, but I declined and pushed on towards Brampton which was 30km away. This was a good choice as the section was probably mostly down hill and it felt like we got to Brampton quite quickly. Slept at Brampton for 4 hours and left at around 5 AM or so Tuesday.

The views were spectacular on the way to Edinburgh! got there about midday Tuesday , had some food and drinks, and made a move back to Brampton 865km, slept there again for 4 hours or so and left early in the morning and pushed towards Pocklington 1080km, where I slept at again for 3 hours. and left at 1 AM Thursday.
Thursday night was calm, but day time was super windy across the plains, where there was no shelter from the wind! At about 7PM the wind has calmed down a bit and manage to make good progress since till Loughton where I got at 2AM Friday.

Got my medal and my picture taken and then my cousin picked me up, where I crashed in the cars passenger seat!

JT65 – 40meters long wire

I like to do quite a bit of JT65/JT9 from time to time some PSK31/63.
Last night/this morning we had relatively good conditions, below is a screenshot of pskreporter.info 24 hour window – 40 meters.

I managed to get spotted by Australia/New Zealand which is always a nice feeling! Unfortunately no QSO’s just yet.

JT65 – 7.076MHz – 30watts output into a long wire antenna/home made unun